Slept late (later) than usual at least because I was busy dreaming. Dreamt of a little girl in the woods of northern New Mexico followed by a flock of crows and dressed as Rainbow Bright. Also dreamed of a store in a house in ABQ with highly textured walls, where Sweetpants bought three decks of oddly shaped cards with an astrological theme. At this store someone asked me how many children I had. My answer? "Well, I have three children, but I have one of them twice. We had our 22 year old daughter cloned using one of my ova so 22 year old MadScientist is in the other room 2 year old MadScientist is the one I'm carrying." But I saw a coat on the rack that looked like my mother's so I hurriedly put Sweetpants, ManicPixieDreamBoy, StrongSilentType, MadScientist, and tiny cloned MadScientist in the car and then I drove away as fast as I could (amusing since my epilepsy prevents me from driving). Later I went grocery shopping with my friends Nes Perez and John Hagee but our shopping trip was hampered by Karl Lagerfield being filmed while he did his produce buying, the part that stood out in my mind was a lettuce he insisted on buying called "Vulva de Clicquot".- Clearly I ain't right in the head.

I would also like to say that I love being in a large city, but one that hates neither Indigenous people and art, and isn't a cruel bigoted Trumphole. One of the best places for overhearing conversations is the bus stop.


Man One hauling a huge bucket of laundry detergent in his arms: don't sit with me then, bitch!

Man Two: Like I even want you and your stolen laundry detergent

(later the two take seats as far as possible from one another on the huge city bus)


Elderly man: We gotta get clean needles, too.

Elderly Woman: (hhmmphing) That wasn't on today's agenda, you old junky

Elderly Man: I'm not the only one.


It's safe to say living in the big city is agreeing with me.
I would like to meet more people and socialize more but I am happy and the energy of the city is energizing me. Also there is an Indigenous-centric comic book store called "Red Planet" that I plan on visiting today. But first the Saturday morning apartment cleaning blitz beckons.



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