Things are happening. Monday morning one of the people who viewed my house earlier in the week is coming back-with a contractor to look at the house.

My fingers are crossed that he makes me a good offer this week.

Friday Sweetpants and I went to Albuquerque trying to get things settled on that end.

1) He now has a job in Albuquerque teaching in an IGS classroom, teaching students with extreme physical disabilities.

2) We found an apartment for MadScientist and Thor-in-Law and Madscientist has applied for a dozen science jobs in her field.

3) ManicPixieDreamBoy has found a houseshare near the university that will let him keep dogs is paying 6 months in advance.

4) We think we found an apartment for ourselves, which is a leap, since we have never lived in an apartment before. On the otherhand it's extremely nice. Just new and strange to us, I guess I will have to keep the music down.

Now all we need is an offer on our house and everything will be settled, I think.
Hawana, who is interviewed in the article, is my aunt who grew up in the house with me, we have become very close in recent years without my mother pitting us against one another. I'm glad we could work together on this. Also Theresa quoted in the article is a close cousin, she even went to high school and college with Sweetpants.

Anyway I am feeling good about getting the word out about how off base this play is. I feel to a large degree satisfied by this article.

Post Script: My house was officially listed on the market at 10 a.m. this morning. I have given 2 tours of the house and one woman made an offer on the spot. I didn't take it, though, because it was too low. I told her if I haven't had any better offers a month from now I will reconsider.

Click to read the article Indian Country Today
Check out for the latest chapter
It just got worse.
It's just being claimed that "The Parker Family Approves of The Play"
I just officially lost my temper.
You know just when I was starting to think we were safe. White people were starting to become more compassionate, and educated, perhaps even beginning to respect native people as human beings this happens.
Hahahaha that's what I get for being so gullible.

Disclaimer. I am actually talking about my family and my tribe here, by name, which I try not to do.

Larry Gatlin, yes, that one, from the Gatlin brothers, decided to write a musical about my great great grandfather. The one whose youngest daughter I lived with when I was a small child.

His name was Quanah Parker.

This is how Gatlin portrayed him.

Degrading, no? You'd think at least they could afford decent costumes.

But it gets worse.
You see the crux of Gatlin's play is that Nadua, who Gatlin calls Nauda, poor put-upon captive that she was, raised her Comanche children as Christians.

The trouble is we know she didn't. She was with the Comanches from an early age and assimilated fully into the life of a prized and petted only daughter of an older couple. Her son Quanah was not raised as a Christian, I know this because my great grandmother, whose home I lived in as a child, was his daughter. HE NEVER CONVERTED TO CHRISTIANITY DESPITE YEARS OF PRESSURE AFTER WE SURRENDERED AND BEGAN A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE. He refused. Not only did he specifically burn churches to the ground in his hey day, even in his later, mellower, years he refused to allow a Church to be built within sight of his famed "Star House" lest anyone take that as a sign of tacit endorsement.

The whole play is Christian Propaganda LIES.
I am fairly enraged by the whole thing.
My Auntie, who was the first to hear about this play, has been asked to a "discussion" of the play but she is concerned that it might be an ambush and she doesn't want to be the only Native in attendance.

My other Auntie, who gave Gatlin a requested tour of the Star House years ago, but was rebuffed as far as any actual information on our tribe was concerned, said she feared as much would happen.

Gatlin says it's okay, though, because some now deceased white history professor at OU and some character by the name of Red Steagall told him it was fine if he invented a story, whole cloth, about a historical figure. It's fine as long as the figure isn't white, I guess.

I am getting really close to being driven to write about my family, although I have no desire to be caught in that trap of writing about Native people as artefacts, frozen in the past, but the need to set the record straight is strong.

This is the reoccurring issue. Most white (U.S.) Americans have never met a Native person, they know nothing about Native people but a handful of stereotypes. These productions from white writers, white producers, performed by white actors do nothing but reinforce misinformation but Native people have to deal with uniformed white people on a daily basis, and white people tend to assume, because they are white, they know best. Honestly, my relatives and I were discussing the play, somewhat humorously when a non-family member butted in and told us, okay, me specifically to "Stop the meanness". I pointed out that Mr. Gatlin has written and is performing in a play in a public playhouse, where he is presuming to put his religion in the mouth of my ancestor. If he can't take criticism he might be in the wrong business.
Chapter 2 of the new book being posted today. Let me know what you think.
conversation had roughly 5 minutes ago
Rob/Sweetpants: those pants are too blue, they aren't flattering on you. It's not your color
Me: So what's my color then?
Rob/Sweetpants: Autumn colors, I guess.
Me: So like orange, red...that kind of thing?
Rob/Sweetpants: not Autumn, more like grey, purple, black, green; bruise colors. You're not a season, you're more of a bruise.
My fever broke last night so I am slowly on the mend.

In preparation for prom tomorrow the boy aka ManicPixieDreamBoy tried on the suit he wore to his sister's wedding. The sleeves now come to his elbows and the pants are nearly knee highs. I guess he'll be wearing his cheaper suit to prom and selling the silver suit at the local consignment shop.

Everyone cross your fingers for me that the house sells quickly and I relocate to MajorCity easily.

 photo Boy with Auntie-E_zpselpe0rcz.jpg

Behold ManicPixieDreamBoy June 2,2015 with his Aunt E.
I'm preparing my house to go on the market Monday.
I was hanging onto LiveJournal as best I could but it's starting to become untenable.
Similarly facebook has started frustrating me in record time.
Tonight two friends of mine started arguing about the bombing of Syria, even though they are both against it. It escalated. One called the other a narcissist.

I know I ought to say something, but the truth is the guy is kind of a man'splaining jerk at times but he's been a friend in hard times when he had no need to be.

And my friend who hurled the insult is a long time friend, whose opinion I find interesting even when we don't agree (which isn't that often) So what is the protocol? Am I obligated to get involved?

The thing is they are both pretty well matched intellectually. Both old punk rock kids. One is a rocket scientist (literally) the other works in publishing in NY. Both are slightly overbearing.
The issue is they just barely disagree about lesser issues but both tend to be condescending and stubborn and dammit, I just want to be able to chat with my 57,000 Comanche cousins.

Ah well I should be writing anyway.
I hope my head stops aching soon.
I am making a DW account as back up, and also because I have made a great deal of progress on the construction of my own website today.

It's felt very strange today over all.
A huge snow storm was supposed to hit us yesterday but instead it hung over our heads like Drumpf's impending presidency. We haven't seen the sun in days but we also haven't seen a single snow flake in days either.
It's a strange tense feeling.

I am going to crosspost this to LJ, so perhaps people can figure out who I am.
I hope the storm finally hits tomorrow so I can justify a nice coconut curry soup.
I thought would be wise to migrate over from LJ. So lemming like, I waddled over.
If anyone wants to friend me, here I am.